Jeudi 16 juin 2016 :


Another beautiful day in the Laurentians! Climbing, canoeing, swimming, hiking, archery for everyone! We also were able to use a water trampoline today. The kids had a ‘boum’ tonight and danced their hearts out!

Everyone is speaking English and having a great time.

We will see you tomorrow in Montréal. We expect to arrive between 2:15 and 2:30 p.m. The ride up here was a little shorter than originally expected.

We have a lot of pictures, but the internet is slow tonight and I could only attach one. The children can bring a USB key to school and we will be happy to give them all the pictures next week. Bring one with plenty of space because we have tons and tons!

Jodi and Olivia

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Mercredi 15 juin 2016 :


We have settled in to Camp Ville-Marie. The children love it and are thrilled to sleep with their friends. We arrived a little bit early and had time to unpack before lunch. After lunch, we did activities in separate groups. Some kids went swimming and hiking. Others did archery and low ropes. Others did canoeing. Some even did some wall climbing.

The children are enoying the beautiful Laurentians and even saw a mommy duck with babies. The blackflies aren’t too bad and we have s’mores and a campfire to look forward to tonight!

Everyone is speaking English, even Olivia! She’s doing great 🙂

We will send more updates tomorrow when we have a chance.

Olivia and Jodi


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