Camp Walden

Les élèves sont très bien arrivés au Camp Walden, ils ont fait un très bon voyage !

Mardi 16  juin 2015 :

Here we are in Walden! All is well. The children were greeted upon arrival yesterday by the friendly Walden staff and settled into their cabins. We had lunch and then went to the lake. The kids did a swim test that simulates falling into the water: They rolled in as though falling from a canoe or dock and then swam one lap, followed by treading water for a minute. A white wrist band lets the counsellors know who passed the test and who should wear a floatation device when swimming. All of the children are required to wear a life vest when canoeing or kayaking.

The children had a snack (crispy green apples!) and then went on to do some more activities in smaller groups (archery, Inuit blanket, cooperative games). They then went all together to the woods to do ‘low ropes’ which is something like an obstacle course that can only be successful when the group works together.

We had a great dinner in the cafeteria (Lasagne!), followed by more games and a campfire.

Today they are playing outside all together.


Mercredi 17 juin 2015 :


Another great day at Walden!

Yesterday was sports-filled: The children played tennis, basketball and soccer. They also did archery and climbing. They played many games outside as well.
Everyone also had a chance to do arts and crafts!
We had a great evening program where the kids competed to choose goofy clothes to dress up the teachers and then we had a fashion show. Hillarious.
We had a camp fire at night and listend to stories.

This morning we went swimming and played on the giant inflatables in the lake. Now the kids are playing more soccer and then we will have lunch.

I am unable to attach any photos this year: The woods is just not internet friendly! It seems that the connection is slower than ever. Don’t worry, though, I will take TONS of pictures.

The bugs are not so bad this year! Only a couple of kids seem to be very tasty to the mosquitos and the rest of us have just a few bites.


Jeudi 18 juin 2015 :

Hello again!

We are having an AMAZING time at Camp Walden! Yesterday, fun continued with more games and even a water fight with sponges, hoses and buckets! We also did more archery, the Inuit blanket, parachute games and wall climbing. In the evening we played ‘plane crash’: The teachers and counsellors hid in the woods on the edge of a field and pretended to have injuries and the kids had to ‘save’ us to earn points. It was hilarious to see them carrying Florian, Maxime and Eugenio… Well, I say carrying, but pulling, pushing, tugging and rolling were also involved! We had a campfire last night and roasted marshmallows!

Today we spent the morning swimming and playing by the waterfront. We will play some more games and go canoeing this afternoon. We may not be able to get to kayaking this time because we have so many other fun things to do.

The children are very excited for their ‘boum’: Who will dance together? What will they wear?

As usual the food is great, the staff is amazing and we have had beautiful weather. We don’t really want to come back! But, alas, all things must end and we will see you tomorrow in Montreal.

We will call the school to make sure you know if we are either late or early in arriving.

See you tomorrow!


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